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Has your builder delivered a job which has caused
damage to your property?


Are you being blamed for damage to a property
which is not your fault?

Damage To Property

Sometimes damage to property happens but it can cause a big fallout between homeowners and builders. Situations can occur when third parties like materials are delivered to site and the driver runs over a perfectly landscaped garden or damages a fence. These things happen and can cause stress and cost so mediation is a perfect solution.

Other situations can cause property damage can include using wrongly specified materials which can impact the structure.

When home builders and owners come together to put up a house/property conflicts are prone to arise. However, the main focus should be on mediation first as a means to solve the issues. Mediation4Builders Kent ensures that both parties are put in a win-win situation.

Here are some examples of disputes and how mediation can help solve them.

Contract Disputes

Before construction begins, contracts must be signed. Conflicts arise when the owners and builders cannot come into agreement about the contents of the contract. In order to avert this, it is advisable that both parties involve a mediator. The mediator helps them find a solution to ensure no party feels like they have lost anything.

Construction Permission

Such issues arise when builders start constructing before home owners grant permission. This is where mediation comes in. When parties mediate the owners perspective is understood as to why they did not grant permission. Home builders also specify why they hastened into construction.

Completion of Project

When the agreed time of completion has elapsed and the construction is not done, conflicts arise. Owners get frustrated. From the builders perspective, however, some factors beyond their control could have hampered progress. These are some of the issues mediators look at.

In some cases work that was not planned for arises. Mediation takes into account that it is not the owner’s fault. On the other hand, mediators are also human and understand that mistakes happen. With this in mind, it is evident mediators will ensure that both parties reach an agreement.

When work is in progress, additional costs can occur. It is important to note that the owner did not budget for this.

It is also critical to put into account that the home builders did not anticipate this. This then causes a rift between the two parties and mediators come in and analyse the situation and help them agree on a possible solution.

Damage To Property

Natural factors are uncontrollable and they can also cause immense damage to property in progress. If such events happen, parties involved are bound to be in conflict. Therefore, it is the mediator’s role to look critically at the issue and help parties reach an agreement.

Material Dispute

Owners always love having their way especially in terms of the materials used. When the desired material is not used owners disagree with builders. Sometimes the owner might want a certain material but the builder says it is weak and will not last. Such things when brought to a mediator, a solution can be reached amicably.

In some cases, home builders tend to abandon the job and walk away. Sometimes, homeowners chase away the builders. In such instances, mediation can help a lot. This is because both parties are listened to without bias and are put in control to make the best decisions for themselves.


If specifications are not followed issues arise. Mediators should understand both parties’ perspective. This is because maybe the owner wanted a certain design but the builder says it is not possible due to the terrain. It is important that mediators look at all these factors and do the necessary.


According to studies, 80% of the issues related to construction involving owners and builders that have used mediation have been resolved successfully.

Furthermore, it is less costly and saves a lot of time as compared to other methods.

This generally proves that mediation Kent is one of the best methods ever.

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